Entertainments by climbing in the trees:

Adult's - 12,00 Eur                                            For a group - 10,00 Eur
Student's - 10,00 Eur                                          For a group - 8,00 Eur
Children's (yellow, green tracks) - 7,00 Eur
Children's (yellow track) - 6,00 Eur

Group consists of 6 persons or more.
According to the price, You can pleasure in park for 3 hours.

Safari excursion's price depends on the routes. Please, check the column "Safari".

 Hotel-lodging in the tree: Double bed room rent costs 30 Eur for a day.

Castle - 2 Eur for a person.

Entertainments in the kids playgroud costs from 1,5 Eur to 3 Eur (depending on the entertainment content).