About castle

In the Taurai adventure's park set up hillmound's defensive fortifications allow you to go into antiquity, when our ancestors bravely fought against the Crusaders, defended the homeland. Open the defensive fortifications gates can see massive pots, in which fighters in the Middle Ages boiled tar or heated water and then poured on the attackers. By defensive wall are huge logs, which also could be prove useful for defense: residents threw them towards approaching enemies. The castle's fortifications decorated with four towers in which people are on duty. When they saw enemies, they lit signal bonfires so warning insiders of approaching danger. In the center of the castle was built stony altar, where ancient kriviai burnt preys. In the vaults of hillmound is museum, there are exhibited 11-13th century weapons, armour and tools. If you want to feel the ancient life's peculiarities, touch closer to the exciting history of Lithuania, we invite you to visit in the hillmound's defensive fortifications of Taurai adventure's park, to descend into still expanding museum. In the castle are preparing musical performances, so here you can't only become acquainted with the historical heritage of Lithuania but also to listen to the music, have a good time and share impressions with your dear people.